Working Principle Of Hydraulic Shear Fork Lift Platform

- Jan 27, 2018-

Working principle of hydraulic shear fork lift platform

The working principle of the hydraulic shear fork lifting platform is that the motor directly drives the hydraulic pump, and the output pressure oil directly drives the hydraulic cylinder through the control valve, and drives the scissors mechanism to make the lifting platform move up or down. The hydraulic fork lift platform has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, small noise, fast frequency, high transmission power and easy operation. The hydraulic station, such as motor, hydraulic pump, oil tank and so on, has large noise when used, but it can be far away from the mainframe installation, and the noise and noise reduction treatment can be carried out separately. Because there are many kinds of hydraulic control valves, hydraulic system complex, difficult installation and cleaning pipe, high requirements for hydraulic oil quality of medium, and the hydraulic system is easy to spill (due to the use of hydraulic components of quality and cheap and lack of maintenance, the common hydraulic station around is oil) effect and high manufacturing cost factors.

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