What Should I Do If The Electric Forklift Is Very Noisy?

- May 23, 2020-

What should I do if the electric forklift is very noisy?

In the use of electric forklifts, such problems may be found. Electric forklifts make a lot of noise during operation, what causes this? Let's analyze the reasons for the excessive noise of electric forklifts.

     The wear gap of the chain and chain pin is too large, and the gap between the upper and lower staples of the electric forklift and the fork beam is too large.

     The fasteners are loose, and the guide wheels and rollers of the car body are seriously worn, so the gap is also very large.

     Check the distance between the guide wheel, the roller and the door frame. Whether the gap between the electric forklift and the fork beam is large, these factors will cause a lot of noise when the forklift is in use.

     Electric forklift is a kind of stacker truck, the main power comes from the battery. However, the processes of horizontal handling, stacking, picking, loading, unloading, and sorting are realized.