What's Wrong With A Manual Hydraulic Truck?

- Mar 26, 2018-

What's wrong with a manual hydraulic truck?

Manual hydraulic truck is the most commonly used handling tool in factory, warehouse and workshop, because it has simple modeling and powerful function. But this simple device often has such a problem, such as a slow rise, a slow decline, or a simply not rising. When people fail to rise, many people think they are not bad. Actually, they are not. In many cases, there is air in the oil pump of manual hydraulic truck, which leads to slow or slow rise of hydraulic pressure. This time only a simple row of air is needed to make a manual van as good as it is.

A manual hydraulic van usually has three gears

1, the middle is the positioning block, the gear car neither rising nor falling.

2, the upward dial is the neutral, that is, the decline of the gear position, pressure relief gear.

3, the downward shift is the hanging gear, that is, the closed oil seal can make the hydraulic pressure rise.

We only need to put the hydraulic manual handling car gear shift to dial up, and then as usual as pressure pressure under the handle. At this time the body although not rise, but can effectively eliminate the pump body inside the air. After about the pressure of 10-20 times, the air can be drained. Let rise faster and more force!

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