What Is The Reason For The Fast Power Consumption Of Electric Forklifts When Accelerating

- Aug 08, 2020-

What is the reason for the fast power consumption of electric forklifts when accelerating

The price of oil continues to rise, and the cost of using cars has also risen sharply. Therefore, the development of electric vehicles and the electric vehicle industry is becoming more and more prosperous. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles learn to drive quickly, and the purchase price is also very low. Electric forklifts have many advantages, but they also have one of the biggest problems, that is durability and charging. Sometimes, the charging place is full, but once it is turned on, when it accelerates, it will directly reduce one or two grids of electricity. What is going on?

First of all, when starting, the voltage will decrease and the power consumption will be higher. Even if you do not use an electric forklift, the battery will continue to discharge.

Secondly, when the electric forklift is fully charged, it will stay for too long. Although the vehicle is not used during this period, the battery is always in a discharged state, so when using an electric forklift, it seems that it is full of electricity, but it will immediately lose one or two grids of electricity when accelerating, and the less lost is the virtual electricity. If the batteries of the electric forklift are stored for too long, they will also be damaged. The electrolyte in the battery will change, so it cannot store electrical energy better.

   Then, after the electric forklift is used for a long time, a certain aging phenomenon will appear in the circuit. At this time, the resistance of the electric forklift will increase, so that the battery storage capacity will be transferred between circuits, because the resistance is too large, resulting in a decrease in current. Even if the battery is full, the current instability will reduce two batteries.

   Finally, one of the batteries in the electric forklift failed. In the long-term use of electric vehicles, if a battery fails, the resistance of the battery will increase. The power of the battery will be reduced accordingly. If it is found that the battery power of the electric vehicle is not enough, when the virtual power supply is serious, it is necessary to check whether the battery is damaged.