What Is The Need To Be Aware Of The Problems In The Process Of Concrete Machinery And Construction

- Dec 23, 2017-

What is Concrete machinery:

Concrete machinery, the use of machines to replace artificial to cement, river sand, gravel, water mixing according to certain mixing proportion, produce construction projects such as required by the activities of production of concrete machinery and equipment, the commonly used equipment have concrete pump truck, cement silo, ingredients station, etc

Operation safety requirements of the clotting machinery operator:

1.The trucking operator must undergo safety technical training, pass the examination and obtain the certificate issued by the competent authority.

2. The operator must be in good health. Those who suffer from unsafe operations and mental disorders are not allowed to operate mechanical equipment.

3. You should observe or patrol machinery, personnel and environment in your homework, and do not leave the post without permission.

4. Operators must wear safety protective equipment as required. Long hair should not be exposed when homework, women should wear working cap.

5. It is not allowed to dismantle mechanical equipment, lighting, signal, instrument, alarm and protective equipment. The safety protection devices shall be checked and adjusted according to the prescribed period.

6. The transmission mechanism, rotating parts and high temperature and live parts of the mechanical equipment shall be equipped with safety protection facilities such as protective cover, as well as obvious safety warning signs.

7. It is strictly forbidden to contact the running parts, repair and maintenance when the machine is running.

8. The machinery on the road must obey the relevant regulations of the traffic management department.

9. Before the machine can be passed through the bridge, it should understand the carrying capacity of the bridge, and confirm that the safe rear can be passed at a low speed. No quick steering and emergency braking on the deck. Must pay attention to the height limit before the bridge hole, confirm the safety rear can pass.

10. Inspection must be carried out before automatic mechanical operation, and the braking, steering, signal and safety equipment should be fully valid.

11. When the ramp stops, no lateral parking. In the vertical parking, it must be blocked, and the working device will be assisted to brake, so that the operator can leave when the brake is reliable. In the rainy season, the machine should be parked on a solid ground.

12. In mechanical operation, people are not allowed to go up and down machinery.

13. The mechanical equipment shall not enter dangerous areas when working near power stations, substations, switchrooms and so on. When working near the high pressure line, the distance between the machine body and the moving track of the working device should meet the requirements of the following table.

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