What Is The Difference Between A Construction Elevator And A Material Hoist?

- Dec 09, 2017-

What is the difference between a construction elevator and a material hoist?

Construction elevator: the construction elevator is usually called the construction elevator, but the construction elevator includes a wider definition, and the construction platform also belongs to the construction elevator series. The construction elevator simply by car, driving mechanism, standard section, wall, fence, chassis, electrical system and other parts, is often used in the construction of a manned truck construction machinery, because of its unique body structure make the ride comfort and safety, the construction of the elevator at the site is usually with the tower crane, the general load of 1-3 tons, the running speed is 1-60M/min.

Material lifter: material hoist is equipped with broken rope protection safety device, safety device, buffer device, up and down height and limit limiter, anti loosening rope device and other safety protection devices.

The same point: all belong to the elevator, follow the same execution standard: GB/T10054 - 2005 - 2007 "construction hoist, GB10055 construction elevator safety regulations"

Difference: electrical control system is different. Construction elevator in the box control and ground control can be both ends control, the material hoist belongs to the hand control end.

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