What Is A Crawler Crane

- Dec 26, 2017-

Crawler crane (crawler crane) is a kind of self-propelled crane for high-rise construction. It is a kind of moving arm revolving crane using crawler walking. The crawler grounding area is large, with good adaptability and strong adaptability. It is suitable for hoisting operation on construction site. It can be used for digging, rammed earth and piling. However, because of the slow walking speed, the long-distance transfer site needs other vehicle handling.

An overview of the crawler crane:

The crawler crane consists of walking mechanism, rotating mechanism, fuselage and heavy arm. The walking mechanism is two chain tracks. Slewing mechanism is mounted on the chassis turntable and restore the fuselage can be 360 °. Lifting beam bottom hinged on the fuselage, random rotation, the top is equipped with two sets of pulley block (the lifting and luffing pulleys), steel wire rope through the pulley block is connected to the fuselage inside at the top of the lift arm on the hoist, hoist boom section can be divided into production and extension.

Crawler crane operation is flexible. It is easy to use, has a great lifting capacity, and can be loaded on a flat and solid road. After changing the working device, it can become a shovel or pile driver. It is a multi-functional machine. But the crawler crane moves slowly, and the road is very destructive, and when the long-distance transfer is carried out, it can be transported by flatbed trailer or rail。

The crawler crane is composed of lifting hook, lifting arm, turntable, chassis, weight distribution, power plant, transmission mechanism, working mechanism, control device, etc.

(1) lifting hook: a crawler mounted crane.

(2) boom: truss structure used to support the steel structure of hoisting rope and pulley block.

(3) turntable: it is installed on the chassis through the rotary support, and can be turned back when hoisting operation.

(4) chassis: including walking mechanism and walking device, can walk under load condition.

(5) weight: installed in the rear of the crane rotating platform to ensure that the crane is working smoothly.

(6) power plant: the power source is the driving force for the crane.

(7) transmission mechanism: transfer power to various working organizations.

(8) working mechanism: including the winder structure, variation mechanism, rotary mechanism, etc.

(9) control device: to control and operate the crawler crane, to realize walking and hoisting operation.

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