What Are The Metalforming Equipment?

- Feb 02, 2018-

What are the Metalforming Equipment?


The hammer is a hammer down or forced the kinetic energy generated by the high-speed motion, on the blank work, the plastic deformation of the machine. Is the most common hammer forging machinery, has a long history, it has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, wide application, easy maintenance, suitable for free forging and die forging. But the vibration is big, it is difficult to realize automatic production.

Mechanical press

The mechanical press is driven by crank or toggle mechanism, cam mechanism, screw mechanism, stable operation, high precision, good operation condition, high production efficiency, easy to realize mechanization and automation, suitable for work in automatic line. The mechanical press is the first of all kinds of forging and pressing machinery.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine 

Hydraulic Shearing Machine  is a forging machine that uses high pressure liquid (oil, emulsion, water and so on) to transmit the working pressure. The stroke of a hydraulic press is variable and can make the maximum working force at any position. The hydraulic press works smoothly, without vibration, and easy to achieve a larger forging depth. It is most suitable for forging large forgings and stretching, packing and pressing blocks of large sheets. Hydraulic press mainly includes hydraulic press and oil press. Some bending, correction and shearing machines also belong to a hydraulic machine.

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