What Are The Classifications Of Cranes?

- Nov 02, 2017-

What are the classifications of cranes?

Crane is a widely used in port, workshop, power, construction sites and other lifting and handling machinery. The name of crane is the unified title of hoisting machinery. The most frequently called cranes are truck cranes, crawler cranes and tyre cranes. The use of cranes is related to hoisting equipment, emergency rescue, lifting, machinery and rescue.

The crane usually refers to the automobile crane, crawler crane and tyre crane.

I. truck crane

Truck crane is commonly known as truck crane. The concept of automobile crane is to combine the car and crane. It can work in one's own form without assembly.

Two, crawler crane

Crawler crane is the abbreviation of crawler crane. It is a kind of crane that tracks on the ground and tracks along the track.

Three, tire crane

The tyre crane is a boom rotary crane which uses the tire chassis to walk. The tyre crane is a kind of full slewing crane which is mounted on a special chassis composed of heavy tires and wheels. The upper structure is basically the same as the crawler crane.

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