Troubleshooting Of Jack Not Being Pressed

- Dec 06, 2018-

Pressure is one of the two most basic parameters of jack hydraulic system, which largely determines the performance of hydraulic system. When adjusting the pressure of the jack hydraulic system, the system pressure can not be set up at all, and there is no pressure at all. Although the pressure can be adjusted up a little, it can not be adjusted to the highest level. Thirdly, the pressure can not be adjusted down, always high pressure and other phenomena.

Methods of self-examination:

Check whether there is no flow output or not. If the rotation direction of the hydraulic pump is not right, it can be solved by the relevant knowledge of the hydraulic pump.

Check the fault of relief valve and other pressure regulating valve. For example, the valve core of relief valve is stuck in the total overflow of the overflow position system, the valve core of relief valve is stuck in the total unloading of the unloading position system, and the pressure of the system can not go up.

(3) Direction check control valve. The valve spool of the reversing valve does not move in place to cause the pressure oil chamber and the return oil chamber to cross.

(4) Check the actuator. The locking nut connecting the piston and piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is loosened, and the piston runs out of the piston rod, which makes the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder communicate with each other.

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