The Operation Of Rotary Drilling Rig

- Mar 05, 2018-

1. Check the oil level of each running assembly before start the drill.

2. Check all connection bolts and fastening studs, find that the looseness and tightened in time.

3. Check all the parts if have oil leakage, water leakage or air leakage.

4. Add calcium base grease lubricant to each lubrication point on time.

5. Each shift worker should be drop the water in the oil tank.

6. The drilling should be carried out in the first place, and then the drill bit should lift up.  In the process of drilling, the force value of the hoist should be determined according to the size and geological condition of the drill, so as to maintain the suspension state of the drill bit. The drill should be picked up immediately When the slagging is interrupted and the dregs will be lowered slowly. The drill should be raised first, then the wind will be stopped when stopping the drill,.

7. It is necessary to turn on the oil pump motor, so that the system is in good lubrication condition Before the drill disc assembly is running,

8. The holes should be covered with wooden boards to avoid the tools and iron parts not be dropped into the hole.

9  if in the process of drilling ammeter pointer swing sharply and subjected to a transient current exceeds permissible value and cannot be automatically without electricity, should stop drilling to start again, to light weight on bit slow speed, after waiting for normal drilling.

10. Drilling rock and drilling in sand layer with low speed.

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