The Method Of Regular Maintenance Of The Crane Reducer

- Jul 20, 2017-

(1) The reducer should regularly scrub equipment and lubrication devices, strictly follow the operating procedures, in time to eliminate the small defects of the reducer, such as fastening loose parts and so on. According to the provisions of the Operation record, strict implementation of the handover system.

(2) In the circuit inspection to pay attention to the reducer under normal load, whether there is abnormal vibration phenomenon. Each bearing temperature meter indication is normal, lubrication system oil pressure, flow whether meet the requirements, equipment has no abnormal noise, mechanical and electrical parts have no peculiar smell.

(3) The reducer for a long time downtime, should pay attention to dust immersion and rust production, and at least start the reducer once a month, each time the operation of about 1 hours, and through the observation window and the side cover to observe the gear and bearing bracket rust situation.