The Knowledge Of Truck Crane Mobile Crane

- Dec 22, 2017-

The definition of Truck Crane:

The car crane is a kind of crane which is installed in the chassis of ordinary car or special car, and the driving cab is set separately from the lifting control room. This crane has the advantage of good maneuverability and rapid transfer. The downside is that you have to have a leg to work, not to be able to run on a load, or to work on a soft or muddy ground. The chassis performance of the car crane is the same as that of the truck with the same total weight, which is in line with the technical requirements of the road vehicle and can be used on all kinds of highways. The crane is usually equipped with two control rooms, and the legs must be kept stable when the operation is done. The weight range is very large, can range from 8 tons ~ 1600 tons, the axle number of chassis, can be from 2 ~ 10 root. It is the largest and most widely used crane type.

The Working principle of Truck Cranetruck crane.png:

In the bottom of the arm, there is a rotating drum, which is wrapped around a wire rope, and the wire rope passes through the pulley at the top of the next arm, pulling the heavy arm out of the upper arm, and so on. When retracted, the reel retracts the steel wire and the heavy arm retracted under its own weight. The rotary drum is driven by a hydraulic motor, so you can see two tubing, but don't use it as an oil cylinder.

In addition, there are some car crane telescopic arms installed with a package type plunger type cylinder, but such application is rarely seen. Because the multi-stage plunger type oil cylinder is expensive, the elastic bending will happen when the heavy arm is loaded, which has a great impact on the life of the cylinder.

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