The History Of China Truck Crane

- Dec 22, 2017-

China's auto crane was born in the 60 s of last century, after nearly 50 years of development, has had three times during the main technological improvement, introducing the technology of the Soviet union in the 70 s, respectively, in the 80 s, the introduction of Japanese technology, the introduction of Germany in the 90 s. But overall, China's auto crane industry always walk the road of independent innovation, has its own clear development, especially in recent years, China's auto crane industry has made great development, though, there is still a gap compared with abroad, but the gap is gradually narrowing. Moreover, the performance of China's car-type crane in the medium and small tonnage is in good condition and can meet the requirements of real production. In the near future, China's automobile crane industry will develop into a mature industry with stable development and a high degree of marketization.

China's auto crane has extensive use of PLC programmable integrated control technology, with a bus interface of hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor and oil pump control and actuators has been relatively mature, the combination of hydraulic and electric has achieved its close. Can be adjusted by software to realize control performance, greatly simplify the control system, reduce the hydraulic components, improve the stability of the system to have to realize automatic fault diagnosis, the ability of remote control.

At present, the products a new generation of Chinese truck crane, lifting operation mode of operation, widespread application of pilot proportional control, fine-tuning has good performance and fine control performance and operating force is small, not easy to fatigue. Transport the proportion of various load through pilot scale handles stepless speed regulation, effectively prevent the secondary decline phenomenon when lifting operation, greatly improved the security of the lifting operation, reliability and efficiency.

In the process of towards the international market, China's auto crane industry quality level of rapid increase in recent years, also got high reputation in the international users, because the product specifications, the user's professional quality is higher, the quality of export products feedback than at home have decreased significantly, reflect the good product. This has laid a good foundation for the development of China's automobile crane industry.

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