The Electric Forklift What Matters Needing Attention?

- Apr 16, 2019-

1.Must understand before  lifting the weight of the goods, the goods shall not exceed the rated lifting weight of the forklift truck.

2.Lifting when packing the goods if the goods should be paid attention to bandage firmly.

3.According to the size, spacing, adjust goods fork goods evenly distributed between the two forks, avoid partial load.

4.The goods, insert available heap door frame should be forward, the goods after loading the goods fork, door frame should be and close to the fork wall, to the goods and goods to reduce as far as possible, then can drive.

5. Lift the goods shall generally be in a vertical position.

6. When the manual loading and unloading, must use the hand brake, make the goods fork stability.

7. Walk and ascension does not allow operation at the same time.

8. When large slope of the road transport goods, pay attention to the goods on the pallet fork strong degree.

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