The Benefits Of A Forklift Rental

- Jun 23, 2018-

The benefits of forklift rental:

1. All after-sale services during the tenancy period are provided by service providers.

2, effectively reduce investment in fixed assets.

3, invest funds in batches to effectively reduce investment costs.

4, increase the liquidity of enterprise funds.

5, funds as operating expenses, saving related taxes.

6, avoid the technical obsolete risk of equipment.

1. The advantage of the lease

Invest funds in batches, effectively reduce investment costs, and effectively reduce fixed asset investment. Reduce staffing, reduce management costs, and make trivial things to others. Overall project outsourcing, save the trouble of management. When seasonal, staged or short-term production is large and forklift is needed, it is unnecessary to spend funds on temporary demand.

2. The form of lease

Short rent: charge according to the actual volume of the forklift. The two parties determine the standard of charge and the terms of service.

Long rent: a rental unit with a month. We only provide repair and maintenance for forklift trucks and forklifts normally used, and the rest are responsible by the lessee.

Package business: we provide forklift, driver, fuel and forklift repair and maintenance. Take the month as the clearing unit. There is no need to find suppliers and prices many times.

Project contract: general contract for warehousing and logistics projects, we provide project managers, forklift trucks, drivers, fuel, Porter and so on, in order to realize the enterprise's streamlining management.

Rent and purchase: the forklift brand and model are designated by the car unit. The company is responsible for the purchase by our company, and then rented to the use unit. The two sides agreed on the rental and lease and maintenance and other related matters. After the lease expires, the ownership of the forklift is owned by the leaseholder.

Repurchase and renting: in order to save the maintenance, management and cost of enterprises, focus on the core business of the enterprise, the enterprise can be bought back by the evaluation of the forklift equipment, and then leases the more suitable forklift, in order to realize the enterprise technology update and adapt to the development needs of the enterprise.