The Application Range Of Wheel Loader

- Dec 23, 2017-

The years of production practice at home and abroad have proved that the wheel loader is suitable for the following aspects:

1.Used for loading, pushing, lifting, traction and other projects in construction of open pit mines, such as dissection, railway foundation and road repair, etc.

2. To replace excavators and cars as the main mining, loading and transporting equipment in small and medium-sized open mines; Can be jointly with the car or can be sent to the crushing station.

3. In some large open-pit mines, it is necessary to cooperate with excavators in complex conditions (such as separation extraction, end of working face, dispersion of explosive piles, digging trenches, etc.), and other auxiliary operations.

4. The working face can be used for mining, loading and transportation of the large working face, and the difficulty of the mining work can be accomplished.

The common wheel - type, caterpillar - type two kinds of front - loader have their own characteristics. Although the traction and shoveling force of the crawler front loader is larger, the performance of off-road and hill-climbing is better, but it is low and inflexible, and the transfer location sometimes requires a trailer, and the construction cost is higher. Therefore, rarely used in open-pit mine caterpillar installed before, countries around the world wheel loader is the most commonly used in mines, so the production quantity is more, production technology is also developing quickly, the biggest type bucket volume has reached 40 m3.


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