Some Information About Electric Stacker Pallet Jack

- Dec 23, 2017-

Electric pallet stacking vehicle is the vehicle equipment for the warehouse, the supermarket, the workshop, loading and unloading and stacking the goods.

The electric pallet stacking vehicle is suitable for the operation of narrow channel and limited space. It is an ideal tool for high shelf storage, supermarket, workshop loading and unloading and stacking tray. This machine adopts computer program control, stepless variable speed, high quality wide view mast assembly made of C payments, the load 0.5 T maximum lifting height of 5.2 meters, load 1 T maximum lifting height 4.5 meters, weight 2 T maximum lifting height 3 meters, the battery can be from three direction of loading and unloading, and optional operators random pedal. Fully electric truck, its structure is simple, the control is flexible, the micro mobility is good.

It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, military industry, paint, paint, coal industry, and the port, railway, freight yard, warehouse, etc. The sites with explosive mixture, loading and unloading, stacking and handling operations. It can greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the workers, so as to win the market competition.

Mainly applied in warehouse, goods shelves tray in the freight yard and access and short distance transportation, strong forklift special door frame (triple door frame), imports of electrical and hydraulic unit, low noise, no pollution, low failure rate, international classic fashion, can design according to customer's requirements.

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