Six Effective Measures Of Crane Maintenance

- Jul 20, 2017-

1, Crane Maintenance-foot: that is, oil feet, water feet, air feet

Diesel, petrol and air supply is not at or interrupted, there will be start-up difficulties, bad combustion, power drop, crane engine can not operate normally and so on. If the oil supply is insufficient or interrupted, it will cause poor lubrication of the engine, the body wear serious or even the phenomenon of burning tile. If the cooling water is not enough, the machine temperature is too high, the power drops, the wear is intensified and the service life is reduced.

2, Crane Maintenance-check: that is, regular inspection of fastening parts

The bolts and nuts are easy to loosen because of the influence of shock and uneven load during the use of diesel engine and gasoline engine. There are various parts of the adjustment bolts to check, so as to avoid the damage caused by loosening the body of the accident.

3, Crane Maintenance-Net: that is, net oil, water, gas and body net

Diesel and gasoline are the main fuel of the crane engine, if diesel oil, gasoline is not pure, will make the precision with the body wear, with the gap increased, resulting in oil spills, drop oil, oil supply pressure, gap become larger, even caused by plugging, shaft burning tile and other serious failures. If the air contains a lot of dust, it will accelerate the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring wear. If the cooling water is not pure, it will cause the coolant scale plugging, hinder the crane engine heat dissipation, lubrication conditions are poor, the body wear serious. If the body appearance is not clean, will cause the surface to corrode, shortens the service life.

4, Crane Maintenance-use: That is, Crane engine correct use

Before driving, the lubrication parts such as the bearings should be lubricated. When the water temperature reaches 40℃-50℃, it should be put into operation after starting. No long time overload or low-speed operation is prohibited. Before downtime, the load should be unloaded to reduce the speed. After the winter parking should wait for the water temperature to drop to 40℃-50℃, the release of cooling water period has been injected antifreeze of the engine except Shan. Usually do the engine maintenance work, so that the crane engine always keep in good condition. To diligent observation, diligent inspection, found fault, timely exclusion.

5, Crane Maintenance-grinding: that is, running-in

This is to extend the life of the foundation, whether the new car or after the overhaul of the engine, must be in accordance with the procedures after the running-in, the party can put into normal operation.

6, crane Maintenance--adjust: that is, diesel engine or gasoline engine valve clearance, gas distribution phase, fuel advance angle, injection pressure and ignition timing, etc. should be promptly inspected and adjusted to ensure that the crane engine is often in good technical condition, can save fuel, prolong service life.