Safety Operation Regulations Of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

- Jan 02, 2018-

Safety operation regulations of hydraulic shearing machine

First, we must wear good labor protection articles before work, and the clothes must not be open.

Two. The operator of the hydraulic shear board machine must be familiar with the structure, performance and use of the shearing machine.

Three. Before the machine is opened, all electrical facilities and oil tank potential must be checked, and the operation can be done after being determined to be perfect.

Four. After starting the motor, it is necessary to test the machine to stop the switch button in a good way.

Five. Confirm the thickness of the plate before cutting the plate, then adjust the gap between the cutter and the right side of the cutting plate machine, and lock it after the adjustment is finished.

Six. Adjust the processing size according to the demand. The post adjustment of the cutting plate machine tool can be adjusted according to the calculator button (to be long pressed and stop after the arrival of the value), then the size is rechecked with a tape measure.

Seven. Before the operation of the cutting plate machine, 1-3 air travel should be made, and the shearing work should be carried out again after the machine is normal.

Eight. When cutting the plate, in order to ensure the right angle of the workpiece, the machining parts should be close to the left limit block of the machine tool, and the cutting plate, the processing button (foot switch) should be started.

Nine. When the hydraulic shearing machine is operated and processed, the hand is required to support the workpiece, but it is strictly prohibited to extend the hand into the guardrail (the knife plate shear bar).

Ten. In the process of processing, we must concentrate on the work and strictly prohibit the playful speech.

Eleven. During the operation of more than two people, the operator should check the situation of the cooperation personnel before starting, and tell a sound that the switch (foot switch) will be started after the danger is not dangerous.

Twelve. If it is found that the operation of the machine is abnormal, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the shutdown should be checked.

Thirteen. The power supply must be cut off when the hydraulic shear plate machine is adjusted, and the safety of the hand should be paid attention to when the workpiece is moved.

Fourteen. The power supply should be cut off after the end of the work, and the maintenance of the machine tools and the cleaning of the environment should be done.

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