Precautions When Using Mobile Cranes

- Dec 22, 2017-

Precautions when using mobile cranes

1.Before the operation, it is necessary to confirm whether the hydraulic oil is added in accordance with the provisions of the tank level window. When refueling, be sure to go through the filling filter, and be very careful not to mix the different brand of oil or water.

2. After working 250h, the filter element of the filter should be inspected and cleaned or replaced when necessary.

3. The hydraulic oil tank should be every half a month from the bottom of the oil drain mouth to remove the moisture and impurities, and every other year 2000 h (or work) to replace all the hydraulic oil (in the case of oil not bad, can be appropriately extended oil change period). When the crane is operating in a particularly hostile environment, the oil replacement cycle should be shortened accordingly.

4. The various valves of the hydraulic system have been fully tested before delivery, and have adjusted the pressure and flow.

5. All kinds of machine parts, especially hydraulic system installations, should avoid fouling. After your homework, you must clean up the dirt and oil.

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