Precautions For Use And Maintenance Of Tyre For Hoisting Machinery

- Jul 20, 2017-

1. Normal air pressure

The pressure of the tyre must be kept normal. When the air pressure is normal, the crown and road surface contact area is larger, bear load uniform, wear normal, if the pressure is over the bottom, the stiffness of the tyre decreases, the bearing deformation is serious, because the tire shoulder local ground causes the abrasion to aggravate, the deformation is serious will also cause the fetal body fever, causes the cord fatigue, the embryo stratification and so on early loss, if the barometric pressure is too high, will cause the tire to be hard, the elasticity reduces, the cord is broken because of the excessive extension, at the same time because the ground area becomes smaller, speeds up the tire crown partial wear and increases the unit area load, causes This phenomenon is particularly severe in summer. Therefore, the driver should pay attention to check the tire pressure before work, when not enough to inflate in time.

2. Start and stop smoothly

When the machine starts, the tyre is suddenly rotated from the stationary state, if the starting speed is too strong, the tyre and the road surface have the intense friction, can accelerate tread wear. Therefore, the construction machinery start not too fierce, loose clutch and acceleration should be in line with appropriate, so that the machinery slowly start, smooth and not shaking, to avoid tire and ground drag to accelerate the tread wear.

3. Timely Maintenance

If the machine is in the process of running, if there is fatigue, difficulty in operation, tilt, abnormal sound, jitter or burning smell, should immediately stop to check the tire status. On the way to rest, should check whether the tire pressure and temperature is normal, the tire nut is loose, tire is scraped, and so on, and seriously check the tread of debris embedded, once found to be clear.