Precautions For Adding Lubrication To Cranes

- Jul 20, 2017-

The main role of heavy machine lubrication is to control friction, reduce wear and tear, reduce equipment temperature, prevent corrosion of parts, forming seals.

These roles depend on each other and interact with each other. If the friction can not be effectively controlled, can not achieve the purpose of reducing wear, will produce a large number of friction heat, and cause high temperature, thus destroying the friction surface lubrication and lubrication materials.

Regular lubrication is needed for the parts with shafts, holes, and mechanical parts with relative movement friction surfaces. All forms of cranes are so. Because of the different working conditions, the lubrication point requirements are the same. For all types of cranes and different parts of the lubrication point, all need to be according to its specifications for periodic maintenance and regular inspection, and use of qualified grease to lubricate it to make the machine normal operation, to overcome early wear. If the use of unqualified substitutes, will lead to mechanical equipment accidents, directly damage the equipment parts, affecting safety production.

It is not difficult to see that lubrication in the maintenance of lifting equipment and maintenance plays a very important role, and the selection and use of lubricating materials, but also directly affect the lubrication effect.