Maintenance And Repair Of Concrete Mixer

- Dec 29, 2017-


Concrete mixing transporter as a transportation vehicle, in the aspect of maintenance and repair must comply with the ministry of communications in 1990 13 order regulation, to perform "periodic inspection, forced maintenance, repair" as "maintenance system. Under this condition, the actual situation of concrete mixing truck is combined to maintain and repair. In the daily maintenance, the concrete mixing truck should be maintained in accordance with the general motors, chassis and other parts, and the following maintenance work must be done.


Because the concrete will be solidified into a hard piece in a short time, and has certain corrosion to steel and paint, so the concrete tank after each use, wash the adhesion on the concrete tank and in and out of the mouth is the daily maintenance of concrete must be earnest to work. Among them:

A. Flush the feeding port with water before loading to keep the feeding mouth moist when loading.

B. Fill the tank with water and fill it with water tank.

C. Flush the feeding port after loading and wash the remaining concrete near the feed mouth.

D. After unloading the material, rinse out the feeding tank and then add water to the concrete tank for 30 to 40 L. To keep the concrete tank moving slowly while the vehicle is returning;

E. Before loading, remember to release the water in the concrete tank.

F. Thoroughly clean the concrete storage tank and inlet and outlet to ensure that the cement and concrete blocks are not bonded.

If these tasks are not taken seriously at a time, they will cause great trouble to the future work.


Concrete mixer car after-sales maintenance

1.Reasonably determine the protection cycle. Car protection cycle refers to the distance or time of car protection. In the process of practice, the car owner should refer to the protection period recommended by the automobile manufacturer, contact the car's own skill situation and the application premise, and make appropriate adjustments to the protection cycle. Generally speaking, the new car is used in the precondition of superior road condition, and it is not required to protect the new car too frequently, which can be used as the upper limit for the protection of the manufacturer's rules. In the case of poor car skills, or poor use of the premises, the protection cycle should be shortened appropriately.

2. Free testing of the application. Concrete mixer truck manufacturer in the free motion detection length very helpful for owners, owners can apply these tests sport specific checks on like cars, real-time detection and wipe out some potential problems, and then save to render high maintenance cost of protection in the future.

3. Crash repair assembly as little as possible. Many concrete mixer owners have the feeling that a certain assembly of the car will not be able to pick up after the crash, making the vehicle enter the maintenance period prematurely. The reasons for this are the first to touch on the assembly skills and the quality of the parts. Therefore, it is better to prevent breakdown maintenance assembly, application of various kinds of progress predecessors skills to protect equipment and tactics, the car without protection, in order to prevent the car assembly and parts not to mutilate, progress to protect quality, and reduce the maintenance cost.

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