Maintenance And Maintenance Of Truck Crane

- Jul 20, 2017-

A. Truck Crane maintenance: Strengthen the maintenance work and daily inspection of hoisting machinery

The locomotive manager shall make a practical and effective maintenance plan according to the Manual of Mechanical maintenance, and carry out the technical disclosure with the personnel of the machine, and check the implementation of the supervision and maintenance at any time. At the same time, the establishment of rewards and punishments mechanism, jiangyoufalie, in order to strengthen the majority of the driving staff's sense of responsibility, to mobilize their enthusiasm and enthusiasm, do a good job in maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the number of failures, reduce the size of the Therefore, the maintenance work should start from the source, to prevent to take care of. The daily inspection of machinery is also essential, inspection results should be detailed records, not only to include the previous maintenance records, change records, but also to include daily use and workload records. In order to analyze, judge the mechanical failure, timely and accurately eliminate the trouble.

Two. Vehicle Crane Maintenance: Improve the technical level and quality of operators

Operators do not understand the performance and principle of mechanical equipment, unfamiliar, is often caused by mechanical accidents one of the reasons. Therefore, to reduce maintenance costs first of all to strengthen the operator skills training, so that they master the structure of the equipment, performance and working principle. In the maintenance of the truck crane, the locomotive manager should have a strong connection and supervision function.