Introduction To Several Common Types Of Cranes

- Nov 24, 2018-

With the progress of society, the development of heavy industry, lifting machinery in the industrial development has a place. Therefore, it is one of the commonly used means of material transportation such as port, wharf, factory, warehouse and cargo factory. The following zhejiang xiecheng lifting machinery factory small editor for you to introduce several common cranes.

First, light small crane equipment: usually light small lifting equipment of light weight, structure is relatively close, the volume is relatively small, is not too big requirements on the site, so can be widely used in all places, but the only point is that it can only be vertical movement.

Second, bridge lifting equipment: bridge crane is now many enterprises use more equipment types, it is usually used in the workshop, warehouse, open air and other different places, and its operation is very simple, more common beam crane, bridge crane and carrier bridge crane types.

Third, boom crane equipment: usually boom crane equipment common types of gantry crane, mast crane, deck crane, etc., it is mainly used in large circular construction sites. The majority of consumers can purchase cranes according to the actual needs of work or work site, so as to choose different types of structure of the crane, in order to meet the production and construction needs.