Internal-combustion Forklift

- Jul 15, 2018-

The internal combustion forklift is also divided into general internal combustion forklift, heavy forklift, container forklift and side forklift.

Regular internal combustion forklift

Generally use diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engine as power, load capacity of 1.2 ~ 8.0 tons, homework channel width is generally 3.5 ~ 5.0 meters, emissions and noise into consideration, usually used in outdoor, workshops or other places with special requirements for emissions and noise did not. Due to the convenience of fuel replenishment, long continuous operation can be realized, and can be competent to work in bad environment (such as rain).

Parliamentary heavy duty forklift

Diesel engines are used as the power, carrying capacity of 10.0~52.0 tons, which is generally used for outdoor operations in heavy cargo wharves, steel and other industries.

We're working on a container forklift

Diesel engine is used as the power, and its capacity is from 8.0 to 45.0 tons. It is generally divided into empty container stacker, heavy box stacker and container front crane. Used for container handling, such as container yard or port dock operations.

Spindle lateral forklift

Diesel engine as the power, carrying capacity of 3.0~6.0 tons. In the case of no turning, it has the ability to pick up goods directly from the side, so it is mainly used to pick up long strips of goods, such as wood bars and steel bars.