Instructions For Use Of Electric Forklifts

- Sep 21, 2019-

Forklift driving safety and maintenance skills In the process of production, storage and transportation, the role of forklifts is becoming increasingly prominent. The demand for forklifts in various industries has also gradually increased. So, what issues should you pay attention to when choosing a forklift? How does the forklift operation ensure safety and accuracy? How to improve the operation efficiency of the forklift while reducing the maintenance cost of the forklift? In response to these problems, the experts of the world-famous OM forklift company summarized some very practical skills to share with you.

Water cooling vs oil cooling

In life, most of the engines of cars and forklifts we see use water cooling technology. Everyone knows that the water will contain impurities, and it will be prone to fouling in long-term use. To ensure the effectiveness of the water cooling system and prevent the adverse weather conditions, the manufacturer must add antifreeze to the water, and these additives will reduce the forklift to a certain extent. The effect and effectiveness of cooling. So is there any way to improve this situation? The OM forklift's exclusive oil cooling system contains no impurities and no antifreeze is required. According to the report of experts from OM Research Department, “The oil cooling system developed by OM can be safely used under various temperature conditions. Even in a harsh environment, the oil cooling system can still function normally. Thus, oil cooling can extend the forklift. The maintenance cycle can be doubled up to the maintenance cycle of a general forklift, so that the maintenance cost of the forklift is greatly reduced."

General forklift pedals, micro-motion control pedals

When operating the forklift, the driver often has an operational error due to an unintentional lack of foot strength, resulting in a loss that could have been avoided. OM's unique jog control pedal allows the driver to move precisely on a small surface, allowing for better control of the truck's operation and avoiding various operational errors. The micro-motion control pedal can ensure the precise operation of the forklift in the short-distance precise positioning, especially when the cargo is large and the quantity is large, the good effect of the micro-motion control pedal is more obvious. Comfort for the driver The driver's comfort is important to ensure efficient operation of the truck. OM creates a safe and comfortable driving environment for the driver. The OM forklift's driver's seat has a full range of adjustment functions: the seat back can be tilted back or forward, the seat spring can be adjusted, and the seat can be moved backwards or forwards. All of this is ergonomic, taking into account the driver's physical needs and tailoring the most comfortable driving style. Making the driver feel safe The improper operation of the forklift may cause safety hazards. These improper operations include: no deceleration during cornering, driving when the load is increased, truck overload, driving on a sloping, soft ground. Drivers should try to avoid these unsafe operations when operating.

 With the widespread use of forklifts in the production process, forklift safety issues are becoming increasingly important. The OM forklift has been designed to provide the driver with maximum safety and minimize the risk of damage to the truck. The OM forklift contains the following safety devices: the safety device when starting the engine and the safety device when the engine cover is open, that is, when the engine is running, such as opening the engine cover, the safety device configured by the forklift can control the engine to not start.

As far as maintenance is concerned, I can say: To make the forklift work normally and reliably, and to play the potential of the forklift, there must be frequent maintenance measures.

Technical maintenance measures are generally: 1. Daily maintenance, after each shift. 2. Level 1 technical maintenance, after 100 hours of work, the working system is equivalent to 2 weeks. 3, secondary technical maintenance, after a total of 500 hours of work, a working system is equivalent to a quarter.