Inspection Regulation Of Hoisting Machinery Transmission System

- Jul 20, 2017-

1, clutch engagement should be smooth, transmission power should be effective, separation should be thorough;

2, the transmission parts operation should not have impact, vibration, heat and oil leakage;

3, gear box inside the gear meshing should be intact, the amount of oil appropriate;

4. When working, the gearbox should not have abnormal sound, vibration, heat and oil leakage;

5, transmission gear position should be correct, shift gears should be light;

6, the coupling parts should not be defective, the connection should not be loose, the operation should not have a sharp impact sound;

7, The wire rope on the reel should be arranged neatly;

8, the Gear box anchor bolts, the shell connection bolts should not loosen, the defect;

9, Reducer gearbox operation must not have abnormal sound, temperature rise should conform to the specification.