Hydraulic Pendulum Shearing Machine Operating Procedures

- Aug 24, 2019-

First, conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of the "General Operating Rules for Forging Equipment".

Second, earnestly implement the following supplementary provisions:

Before work

1. Before the test run, you should use the manual drive to start a working stroke, and then confirm the normal operation before starting the equipment.

Machine tool - shearing machine

Machine tool - shearing machine (5 photos)

2. Equipment with hydraulic equipment should be adequately checked for oil storage. After starting the oil pump, check the valve and pipeline for leaks. The pressure should meet the requirements. Open the bleed valve to remove air from the system.

At work

1. It is not allowed to cut the laminated sheets, and it is not allowed to trim the edges of the raw sheets, and it is not allowed to cut the narrow sheets and short materials.

2. The gap between the blades should be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate, but it should not be greater than 1/30 of the plate. The blade should be fastened firmly, and the upper and lower blades should be parallel. After the adjustment, apply the manual test to avoid accidents.

3. The cutting edge of the blade should be sharp. If the edge of the blade becomes dull or cracked, it should be replaced in time.

4. When cutting, the pressing device should firmly press the sheet material, and it is not allowed to cut under the condition that the pressure is not tight.

5, the equipment with hydraulic devices, in addition to throttling and other hydraulic valves are not allowed to adjust privately.

6. For the thickness of the shearing sheet of the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, it should be determined according to the "curve diagram of the ultimate strength of the sheet material and the thickness of the sheet".

(3) The upper blade should be placed in the lowest position after work.