How To Treat The Future Market Development Of Electric Forklifts

- Aug 08, 2020-

How to treat the future market development of electric forklifts

The development trend of electric forklift attachments: It is predicted that there are about 250 forklift manufacturers in the world, and the annual production volume will remain at about 500,000 units. Due to the intensified competition, compared with the 1980s, China's forklift market is a huge world forklift industry. There has been an abnormal phenomenon of increased sales and decreased profits. On the one hand, in order to reduce costs, forklift giants have built factories in developing countries. For example, there are Xiamen Linde, Anhui TCM, Beijing Halla, Hunan Destar, Yantai Dayu Heavy Industry, Shanghai Hyster, etc. in China. These companies brought the world's advanced products and technologies in the mid-1990s to the country, which promoted the rapid development of my country's forklift technology and also caused a great impact on the domestic market. On the other hand, with the development of the market economy, the status and role of logistics technology in economic development has become more and more obvious, and the penetration rate of forklifts has become higher and higher. It has entered all walks of life in the national economy from a single port in the past. The current inventory of forklifts in my country is about 180,000 units, and the actual annual potential demand is about 100,000 units, while the actual annual sales volume is only about 30,000 units. It can be seen that China's forklift market is huge.

 The scope of electric forklift attachments: The main parameter of the electric forklift working device indicating the performance of the forklift is the rated lifting capacity under the standard lifting height and standard load center distance. The load center distance is the distance from the center of gravity of the cargo to the front wall of the vertical section of the fork. Forklift attachments are various working devices equipped to expand the scope of forklift operations. There are about 30 kinds of accessories widely used. Attachments are easy to change. String rods can handle hot steel coils, tires and cement pipe sections. Container spreaders are used to carry large containers. The barrel clamp can carry oil drums and paper rolls. Side clamps can carry textile bales. The side shift fork makes it easy to align the forklift with the cargo when working in a narrow place. The tipping fork can hold logs. The boom can lift all kinds of goods. Forging clamps can hold forgings and turn them over. The rotating clamp can rotate 360° to adjust the position of the goods for easy storage.

   Now, China's electric forklift truck industry is facing a new round of business opportunities with the gradual implementation of the Chinese government's policy of stimulating domestic demand and the recovery of the global economy. Both foreign brands and local companies are full of expectations. In this context, some representative domestic and foreign forklift companies have analyzed and reported on their product and technical advantages, business and management models, market strategies and development plans, etc., hoping to give more forklift companies and logistics Equipment companies bring inspiration and help companies find their own way to success.