How To Repair The Electric Forklift

- Mar 28, 2020-

How to repair the electric forklift

However, many electric forklift drivers do not know what kind of faults need to be repaired, and what kind of faults do not need to be repaired, they only need to maintain it by themselves. This will cause many people to go to the repair shop to repair because of a little problem, which will delay a lot of time. Here, in order to facilitate the majority of electric forklift riders, Xiaobian deliberately summarized some common faults of electric forklifts and Xiaobian's solutions to these faults. This will help everyone how to deal with the failure of the electric forklift, providing a good basis. As is known to all, after a certain period of time, electric forklifts will always have major or minor problems and failures. These problems or failures do not affect the driving and the problem is not serious; or they cannot continue to drive and require maintenance. Whether these problems are large or small, perhaps the majority of electric forklift riders will not care about the cost of maintenance, but it is very troublesome to go to repair if there is a small problem.

Symptom one: After turning on the electric door switch, the wheel hub rotates and the brake stops, but when the brake lever is released, the wheel hub rotates again. This phenomenon may be caused by three reasons: First, the controller's optocoupler's speed adjustment is out of position. At this time, the control box should be opened to adjust the optocoupler assembly potentiometer. Second, the adjustment of the steel barrier is too tight. The copper-embedded screws on the shading rod should be loosened and the length of the speed-adjusting wire inserted into the copper-insert should be adjusted. The third is to adjust the rotation of the handle to stagnate the weight, and the recovery is insufficient. Upper and lower shells.

Symptom two: The battery of the electric forklift is full as soon as it is charged, and it is empty when used. In this case, if the battery is used for a short period of time, it may be due to the low output voltage of the charger that severely undercharges the battery. You should adjust the output voltage of the charger to the normal range; if the battery has been used for a long time, it may be The battery has entered a recession period and cannot meet long-term discharge, which means that the battery life has reached the end and it needs to be replaced with a new battery.

Symptom three: After charging the electric forklift for 8 hours, the red light is off and the battery is hot. Under normal circumstances, everyone will think that the battery of the electric forklift is broken, and the whole group or single battery should be replaced. The editor here reminds everyone that the broken battery may be one of the reasons, but it may also be caused by the high charging voltage of the charger, just adjust the charger voltage to the normal range.

Symptom 4: The output plug of the charger is hot. Many electric forklift riders will find that the charger output plug is hot when they charge the electric forklift, but they don't care much. Here, Xiaobian specially reminded that the output plug of the charger is overheated, which may cause dangerous accidents such as fire for a long time. The output plug of the charger is hot because the output plug is loose and the contact surface is oxidized. The oxide should be removed in time or the plug should be replaced.

Failure phenomenon five: When traveling by human, it feels slow and has a heavy stagnation. This failure phenomenon is easy to occur, because there are many reasons for this phenomenon, and the driver of the electric forklift must make corresponding treatment according to the specific situation. If the front brake or the holding brake (rising brake) is in friction with the rotating part, you only need to adjust the clearance between the front and rear brakes and the rotating part. Under the premise of flexible rotation, you can ensure that the brake performance is good; if the chain is too tight, You only need to adjust the front and rear positions of the rear axle; if the front and rear axle stops and bottom bracket components are too tight or the components are worn, you need to loosen the fasteners or replace the worn components. Of course, it is also possible that the stagnation feeling is strong and the speed is slow due to the insufficient inflation of the front and rear tires.

Because many electric forklifts run for a long time, many parts will appear loose, poor contact, etc. These "failures" only need to be adjusted, and there is no need to waste time to repair the repair shop. The majority of electric forklift truck friends must pay attention to the maintenance of electric forklifts in order to prolong the service life of electric forklifts.

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