How To Realize The Antifreeze Effect Of Electric Forklift Battery

- Jun 28, 2020-

How to realize the antifreeze effect of electric forklift battery

A battery is a device that can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. A battery refers to a part of the space of cups, tanks, and other containers and composite containers that contain the current generated by the dissolution of electrolytes and metal electrodes. It can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. And it has positive and negative points.

    With the continuous advancement of science and technology, forklifts have gradually developed electric forklifts, which use batteries as the main energy source to obtain currents with stable voltage and current, stable power supply for a long time, and little influence from the outside, and the battery structure It is simple, and will not be disturbed by external factors such as external climate and temperature. The performance is stable and reliable, and it plays a huge role in all aspects of modern social life.

    The electric forklift is small in size and flexible in operation, and is suitable for small spaces. However, with the arrival of winter, antifreeze measures become particularly important, so relevant operators are required to take antifreeze measures.

    After the battery is fully charged, try to use it as soon as possible: once the electric forklift is found to be used up in winter, it must be recharged in time to prevent the loss of electricity. If possible, keep the electric forklift battery fully charged before traveling to avoid running out of power.

    Forced assistant to extend battery life: the winter weather is cold, and the forklift is on the uphill and downhill sections. Professionals suggest that everyone should reduce acceleration and deceleration. Avoid frequent braking and emergency acceleration. If you encounter an obstacle, brake in advance to reduce the battery load.

    Battery waterproof and moisture-proof: When the battery of the electric forklift enters the room from low temperature outdoors, frost will appear on the surface of the battery, so it is necessary to do waterproof and moisture-proof treatment.

    Insulation measures: The battery is the core power source of the electric forklift. The performance and temperature of the battery are closely related. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep the battery's operating temperature at 25°C. When the temperature in winter is low, store the electric forklift indoors and keep the battery warm and anti-freeze.