How To Choose Crane Type?

- Nov 30, 2019-

1. Selection of crane type The crane type should be selected in consideration of the following points:

(1), the span, height of the structure, the weight of the component and the amount of lifting work;

(2) Construction site conditions;

(3) the status of existing lifting equipment in the enterprise and the region;

(4), construction period requirements;

(5) Construction cost requirements. Under normal circumstances, crawler cranes should be used for ordinary single-story assembly structures with a large amount of lifting work. Because crawler cranes do not have high requirements on the road surface, they can change amplitude, are easy to drive, and can drive under load. Automobile cranes are less destructive to the road, and it is quick and convenient to go to the hoisting site. It is suitable to be used for hoisting assembly structures located in urban areas or with a small amount of engineering. For hoisting projects located in remote areas, or long distances or poor road conditions, simple lifting appliances such as single-pole or herringbone poles, mast cranes, etc. are often used to start work early, meet schedule requirements, and cost low.

For the multi-layer assembly structure, due to the high installation height of the upper component, a heavy-lift crawler crane or an ordinary tower crane (rail or fixed) is often selected.

For high-rise or super high-rise assembled structures, you need to choose an attached tower crane or an internal climbing tower crane. The advantage of the internal climbing tower crane is that it is light in weight and does not connect to the tower body as the height of the building increases. Most of the machinery is installed in the center of the structure. The components to be hoisted are close to the tower body. It is the structural load under construction (including the tower crane's own weight, wind load, lifting component weight, etc.) that needs to be constructed. After the project is completed, additional machinery and equipment must be installed to remove it. Installed.

The attached tower crane is installed on the outside of the building, which can avoid the above disadvantages of the internal climbing tower crane, but in the lifting operation, many components far from the tower body need to be installed, and the working range is large, requiring the use of a larger size crane. At the same time, it occupies a lot of space, and it is necessary to install attachment rods with the rise of the building, and the tower height of the crane is also more complicated.

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