How To Avoid Burning Of Electric Forklift Circuit Harness

- Jun 28, 2020-

How to avoid burning of electric forklift circuit harness

Electric forklifts use batteries as the core controller of the forklift. To give the forklift more functionality, it usually needs to be controlled with multiple lines. Once the electric forklift operates for a long time or encounters high temperatures, how should we prevent the forklift circuit harness from being burned? ?

    In the whole process of use, if it is found that the line on the electric forklift is slow, and there are many wires or leaking wire ends, it will cause chaos in the whole vehicle line, and it will often cause problems that are considered to be circuit failures. Regardless of color and thickness, this will cause chaos in the vehicle wiring harness.

    When servicing the circuit harness, the relevant specifications must be followed. When a certain section of the line is damaged, and before replacing the fuse, all electrical equipment and ignition switches should be turned off, and the operation should be carried out in accordance with regulations.

    The replaced fuse is blown again, indicating that there is a short circuit in the electric forklift system, and the replacement process should be given after the fault is checked and eliminated. Some electric forklifts with the main power switch should be turned off after stopping the engine. Regularly check, maintain and adjust the main line fuse, and replace with new parts if necessary.