Forklift Operation Certificate Requirements.

- Feb 19, 2018-

1. The certificate examination for special equipment operators for forklift license needs to be over 18 years old;

2. The body is healthy and meets the special requirements of the forklift operation type.

3. The degree of culture corresponding to the type of operation of special equipment for forklift license;

4. Work experience that is suitable for the application of special equipment for forklift license;

5. Relevant safety technical knowledge and skills of special equipment operators with forklift license;

6. Other requirements specified in the safety technical specification for the operation personnel of the forklift license.

The specific conditions shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant safety technical specifications. The personnel who apply for the "special equipment operation personnel certificate" shall first sign up for the examination of the special equipment operation personnel examination institution and issue the certificate of special equipment operation personnel after passing the examination.