Forklift Maintenance

- Dec 27, 2017-

Forklift maintenance 

Precautions for mechanical forklift:

The forklift manufacturing industry in the world's largest and most development potential of the market, has a certain development potential, and derive a series of industry such as forklift maintenance has become an integral part of the new industry today. Then the maintenance and maintenance can be divided into first class forklift maintenance and secondary forklift maintenance。

The following level of maintenance can be added to the daily maintenance program.

1.Check whether the thermostat works normally.

2. Check whether the transmission of transmission is normal.

3. Check the tightness of fan belt.

4. Check whether the filter screen of diesel tank oil is blocked and the filter is cleaned or replaced.

5. Check and adjust valve clearance.

6. Check and adjust the gap between brake and brake drum of hand and foot brake.

7. Check whether the installation of generator and starting motor is strong, and whether the wiring head is clean and firm, check whether the carbon brush and commutator wear out.

8. Replace the oil in the oil bottom shell, check whether the crankcase ventilation is in good condition, clean the oil filter and the filter element of the diesel filter.

9.Check cylinder pressure or vacuum.

10. Check whether the wheel installation is strong, whether the tire pressure is attached to the requirement, and remove the imbedded debris.

11. Spare parts for the maintenance work, and the forklift road test should be carried out after reassembling.

(1) the braking performance of different degrees should be free from running and snaking. On the steep slope, the hand brake is pulled tight, can be reliable stop.

(2) listen to the engine running with acceleration, deceleration, overloading or empty load.

(3) after the road test, check the brake, transmission, front axle housing and the gear pump.

(4) whether the lifting speed of the cargo fork is normal or not.

12. Check whether the multi-way directional valve, lifting cylinder, inclined oil cylinder, steering oil cylinder and gear pump are normal.

Precautions for the use of electric forklift in summer:

1.characteristics of high temperature and high humidity

High temperature, high humidity, high temperature, hot weather, the safety of the driver will also have a great impact.

1). The heat dissipation performance of the engine at high temperature is poor, and the temperature is too high, which makes its power and economy deteriorate.

2).easy to produce water tank, fuel supply system obstruction, "boiled" battery "kui fluid, hydraulic brake on cup deformation and failure, tire inflation pressure with the outside world temperatures and blasting, etc.

3). In the case of high temperature and high humidity, the lubricating oil (fat) of the forklift parts can become thin and weak, and the lubrication performance will decrease, resulting in increased wear and tear of heavy load.

4). Due to the high temperature and mosquito bites, the driver's sleep is affected. Therefore, mental fatigue and heat stroke are easy to occur in the work, which is not conducive to the operation safety.

5). Thunderstorm is more, because of road surface. The loading and unloading area has water, the adhesion is reduced, easy side slip, influence forklift truck, personnel, cargo safety.

2. Precautions for driving operations

1). Before the summer vacation, prepare for the winter lubrication oil of the engine, drive axle, transmission, steering machine and so on. After cleaning, the oil and grease will be added in the summer.

2). Clean the water channel, remove the scale of the cooling system, and dredge the radiator fin. Check the tightness of the fan belt.

3). Adjust the generator regulator properly and reduce the charging current of the generator.

4). Pay attention to prevent overheating of the engine during the operation, and pay attention to the indicator reading of the coolant thermometer. If the coolant temperature is too high, the cooling measures should be taken. To maintain the amount of coolant, be careful to prevent the cooling fluid from boiling.

5).often should check the temperature and pressure of the tire, when necessary, should be stopped in the shade for tire temperature decrease and then continue to work, shall not adopt deflated or pour cold water on the way to buck cooling, so as not to reduce the service life of the tyre.

6). Check the braking efficiency frequently to prevent the failure of brake failure due to the aging of the brake total pump or the pump, expansion deformation and the vaporization of the brake fluid.

7). Adjust the electrolyte density of the battery and dredge the air hole on the battery cover, and maintain the electrolyte by 10-15mm above the partition board, and add the water of distilled water.

8)ake sure you get enough sleep before your homework and stay energized. If you feel mental burnout, lethargy, and slow reaction, you should stop immediately, or use cold water to refresh your face to make sure your driving and homework are safe.

9). Work well to prevent heat stroke and prevent heat stroke.

Finally check to make sure that the parts are in good condition before they are put into normal use.

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