Forklift Engine Maintenance Cycle

- Nov 11, 2018-

We all know that the engine is the "heart" of the car, in the maintenance aspect must be careful, next hundred million safety net to give you how to maintain the car's engine and the forklift engine maintenance cycle, please read the following carefully.

The maintenance cycle of forklift engine is summarized as follows.

The engine is a complex machine, which needs to be properly maintained and maintained in addition to timely maintenance of the faults. The work of the engine is mainly done by several systems. The intake system is responsible for providing clean air; The exhaust system exhausts the burnt gas; The fuel system provides fuel at a certain air fuel ratio; The lubricating system can reduce the friction between the components and also play a certain role in cooling. The cooling system is responsible for cooling the engine.

The engine is a machine running at high speed. Therefore, the efficiency of the lubrication system is directly related to the running quality and service life of the engine. Lubrication system maintenance in addition to regular replacement of oil and filter core also check crankcase ventilation and regular cleaning of oil sump.

During the operation of the engine, the high-pressure unburned gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and cylinder wall, and are mixed with metal powder generated by wear of parts to form oil sludge. When the quantity is low, it is suspended in the oil; when the quantity is high, it is separated from the oil and blocked the filter and oil hole, which makes the engine difficult to lubricate and causes wear. In addition, when the oil is oxidized at high temperature, paint film and carbon deposition will be bonded to the piston, which will increase the fuel consumption of the engine and reduce the power. Therefore, the crankcase is cleaned regularly with BG105(highly effective and fast cleaning agent for lubrication system) to keep the engine inside clean.

A forklift works 50 kilometers per hour, and in this case, 200 hours for a forklift is equivalent to 10,000 kilometers for a car. This calculation 10,000 kilometers to do a maintenance has been a long time. Forklift truck is a special vehicle, so the first maintenance is very important.