Electric Forklift Maintenance

- Sep 21, 2019-


First, routine maintenance

1. Clean the dirt, dirt and scale on the forklift. The key parts are: fork frame and gantry slide, generator and starter, battery electrode fork, water tank and air filter.

 2. Check the fastening of each part. The key points are: fork support, lifting chain tensioning screws, wheel screws, wheel fixing pins, brakes, steering gear screws.

 3. Check the reliability and flexibility of the foot brake and steering gear.

4, check the leakage situation, the focus is: each pipe joint, diesel tank, oil tank, brake pump, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, water tank, water pump, engine oil sump, torque converter, transmission, drive axle, main slowdown , hydraulic steering gear, steering cylinder.

 5. Put off the oil filter deposit.

Second, the first level of technical maintenance in accordance with the " routine maintenance" project, and add the following work.

 1. Check cylinder pressure or vacuum.

2. Check and adjust the valve clearance.

 3. Check if the thermostat works normally.

 4. Check whether the multi-way reversing valve, lift cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work normally.

5. Check if the shifting work of the transmission is normal.

 6. Check and adjust the gap between the brake pads of the hand and foot brakes and the brake drum.

 7. Replace the oil in the oil pan, check whether the crankcase ventilation pipe is intact, and clean the oil filter and diesel filter.

 8. Check whether the generator and starter motor are installed firmly, and whether the wiring head is clean and firm, check the carbon brush and commutator for wear.

9. Check the tightness of the fan belt.

 10. Check that the wheel is installed securely, whether the tire air pressure meets the requirements, and remove the debris embedded in the tread.

 11. Disassemble the parts due to maintenance work, and carry out the forklift road test after reassembly. (1) Braking performance under different degrees should be no deviation, meandering. On the steep slope, the hand brake can be stopped after being tightened. (2) Listen to the engine running under acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no load, with or without abnormal sound. (3) After a mileage test, check the brakes, transmission, front axle housing, and gear pump for overheating. (4) Whether the fork lift speed is normal and there is no tremor.

 12. Check if the diesel tank oil inlet filter is clogged and damaged, and clean or replace the filter.