Difference Between Construction Equipment And Engineering Equipment

- Nov 23, 2017-

Difference between construction equipment and engineering equipment

Hydropower engineering has two kinds of understanding, one refers to the hydropower project. Two refers to the general construction equipment engineering, that is, building water supply and drainage and building electrical, and sometimes also includes building HVAC, etc..

"Construction equipment" generally refers to the construction process used in the construction of production equipment, such as excavators, cranes and so on. It belongs to the extension of "hand", that is, "instrumental" equipment. This kind of equipment is the value after repeated use, the equipment cost is reflected in the new products through depreciation or amortization charges form. Also known as construction machinery.

"Construction equipment", a perception that generally refers to the use in the construction process after purchasing (sometimes require installation) has a certain use value of the equipment, which is "engineering entity" devices, is one of the part of the construction project, such as various types of production equipment, such as hydraulic turbine generator, etc.. The equipment cost after construction, direct access to the fixed assets of the enterprise. The second understanding is the equipment used in the process of engineering construction, that is equivalent to construction equipment, engineering equipment = construction machinery = construction equipment.

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