Description Of Concrete Mixer Used

- Dec 29, 2017-

Description of concrete mixer used

1.Basic configuration of concrete mixer

Concrete truck mixer mainly consists of chassis, mixing barrel, driving system (drive), hydraulic drive system, water system, unloading is (in) and discharging system, discharge chute, operation platform, control system and protection equipment.

Angle of inclination: 15 degrees

Rotation speed (r/min) : 0~14

Concrete slump (mm) : 70-260

Rotation direction: clockwise feed, counterclockwise material

Shell material: high carbon steel 5-6mm

Blade: double helix leaf 4.5mm

Discharging capacity: the cone sinks 5cm/h

Unload remaining quantity: <1% cone sink 5cm/h

2. Description of concrete mixer system

Mixing tube, the model adopted by the mixing barrel form is an application of common structure form, pear-shaped structure is used in mixing barrel need to join the clean water and transport process of covering the mixing water, by mixing drum head feeding mouth into a cylinder.

Drive system: the mixing drum drive mode for engine as power source, the backend take power take force by the engine, through the drive shaft to the variable plunger pump, through the quantitative plunger oil motor, again through the reducer drive the mixing drum roll.

The feeding system (loading and unloading mechanism) of the mixing drum is an important device for the work of the auxiliary mixer.

Control system: it is the control part of the whole mixer. The control panel is open with "i-shaped" groove, which is the activity space of the joystick. And the back half of the slot has a limited hole to hold the position of the joystick. The control system controls the positive, reverse and

rotational speed of the agitator through the two control levers at the rear of the car to complete the feeding and stirring.

Water supply system: the water supply system of the concrete mixer is mainly used to clean the mixing device. There are two types of water supply system of this model, one is the centrifugal pump water supply system. One is the water supply system of pressure water tank, which can be selected by users.

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