Crane Principle

- Nov 02, 2017-

Crane principle

1. The power unit of the crane consists of motor, reducer, clutch, brake, rope cylinder and wire rope. The motor for the near magnetic type single-phase capacitor motor, design power brake mechanism; motor is equipped with a thermal switch, can prevent overheating and burning motor reducer; two gear is fixedly connected with the motor; the clutch and the brake cylinder and the rope as a whole, but in the clutch disengaged state, can achieve rapid decline can control the falling speed of brake operation, in order to avoid the occurrence of shock. The round hole on the front surface of the power unit shell can be used to install the blower, and the user can be equipped with the blower to carry out forced cooling according to the need.

2, support part by screw jack nut and a vertical rod composed of a main rod and a rotating arm. The rotating arm of the crane can rotate 360 degrees on the main rod, and a stroke switch is arranged at the end of the arm to prevent the lifting accident caused by the operation error or the button failure. The operation button starter can realize the positive reversal of the motor, winding and releasing the steel wire rope, and lifting and transferring the workpiece through the bracket part of the pulley.

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