Concrete Batching Plant Technical Manual

- Feb 21, 2019-

一、HZS90Q concrete batching plant, equipped with JS1500 twin shafts mixer and belt type aggregates charging system, has rated output 90m3/h compacted concrete. It can mix various kinds of concrete and suitable for medium size construction sites, power stations, irrigation, highways, airfields, bridges, and medium size factories producing concrete prefabricated parts.

The plant is composed of batching system, weighing system, mixing system, electrical control system, pneumatic control system and etc. Three aggregates, one powders, one liquid additive and water can be automatically scaled and mixed by the plant. Aggregates were loaded to aggregate bin by front loader. Powder is conveyed from silo into weighing scale by screw conveyor .Water and liquid additive are pumped to the scales. All the weighing systems are electronic scales.

The plant is fully automatic controlled by computer with production management and data printing software.

二、Main technical specification

     Rated output:           90m3/h

      Mixer:                  JS1500

      Total power 148kW (including the silos and screw conveyors)

      Total weight 71t(including the silos and screw conveyors)


1Aggregate batching system

1.1Aggregate bins

      Aggregate bin volume:                3×12m3

Feeding height:2.5m(with feeding ramp according to foundation drawing )

1.2Belt conveyor

      Capacity                    250t/h

     belt width                 800mm

    belt speed                 1.6m/s

      power                       4kW

1.3Inclination belt conveyor

     capacity                   300t/h

     belt width               800mm

     belt speed               18°25°

     power                    18.5kW

2 Water supply  system

     water supply pump  power              4kW

                          flow               30m3/h

    Water discharging pump  power         2.2kW

                                     flow          60m3/h

3 Additives system

     Additives tank volume         3m3

     Additives pump       power        3kW

                                :flow         12.5m3/h

4Mixing system

   Mixer                         JS1500

    Motor power                  2×30kW

    Aggregate Max. Dia (pebble/crushed)  80/60mm

5Weighing system

5.1Aggregate scale

     Max weighing capacity               1500kg

     Weighing accuracy                     ±2%

5.2、Cement scale

    Max weighing capacity                800kg

    Weighing accuracy                      ±1%

5.3、  Water scale                       

    Max weighing capacity               300kg

Weighing accuracy                    ±1%

5.4、Additives scale

    Max weighing capacity               30kg

    Weighing accuracy                    ±1%

6.、Pneumatic control system

   Air compressor    pressure    0.8Mpa

                     power           11kW

                     flow            1.6m3/min

7、 Filter system

power            0.55kW

capacity        1200m3/h

8、Electrical system

8.1、Adopt AC380V, 50Hz three phases five (four) wires power resource,the capacity of the

transformer should be more than 200kVA.

8.2Working conditions

      Working power resource                AC220V±10%   50Hz

      Temperature                 0℃~+40

      Moisture                <85%RH

8.3、Control mode     

     Manual control

 Automatic control: computer control

    The working  circle :60s

9、Powder material storage and conveying system

9.1SNC100 Cement silo           

9.2 Cement(fly ash) screw conveyor: Φ219X9m  (特殊定货Order separately)