Casualty Accident Countermeasures In Lifting Machinery Operation

- Aug 05, 2018-


4.1 establishment system

It is necessary to establish and build up the responsibility system for the safety management of the lifting machinery, the safety technology file management system of crane machinery, the safety operation regulations of the lifting machinery driver, the commanding operator, the crane staff (binding sling), the safety operation regulations of the lifting machinery, the maintenance personnel, the maintenance system of the lifting machinery and so on. The division of labor is clear, the responsibility is carried out, and the reward and the fine are clear.

4.2 strengthen training and education

In order to carry out safety technical training for hoisting machinery workers, according to the relevant technical standards of the state, the safety technical assessment of crane drivers, commanding operators and the staff of the crane is carried out, and their safety technical qualities are improved and the certification work is done.

4.3 implement system safety management

The safety management of lifting machinery is a complicated system project. It must be scientific, comprehensive, standardized and orderly for the design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance of lifting machinery. It is reasonable to strive to achieve the design structure of the lifting machinery, the technical level is advanced, the manufactured products are high quality, and the use performance is safe, reliable and comfortable.

4.4 strengthening safety supervision

Safety management departments should be based on relevant national safety regulations and standards. Strengthen the safety supervision of lifting machinery. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out safety certification for the qualification of lifting machinery manufacturing, carry out the safety quality supervision and inspection of the lifting machinery products produced by them, and the lifting machinery products that are not qualified for safety and quality shall not be out of the factory, and the safety and quality of the manufacturing of heavy machinery are well made; two the installation and maintenance of the lifting machinery should be installed. The safety quality certification of maintenance qualification, no enterprises engaged in lifting machinery installation, maintenance ability, can not undertake heavy machinery installation, maintenance business, control the installation and maintenance of heavy machinery, the safety and quality of maintenance; three to control the safety of heavy machinery safety technology. A special safety technical inspection for the newly installed, overhauled and important hoisting machinery is carried out, and the test passes through the inspection and will be put into operation after the use of the certificate of qualification. On the regular (biennial) safety and technical inspection of the hoisting machinery used in use, the unchecked lifting machinery is not allowed to continue. Four the serious handling of casualties in the lifting machinery should be dealt with seriously.