Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wheel Loader

- Dec 23, 2017-

The advantages of the following aspects can be highlighted in the use of wheel reprinter in the suitable open-pit mine:

1.The speed of the pre-installed system is fast, the working cycle is short, and the loading efficiency is high. According to mine calibration data, bucket volume for 5 ~ 8 m3 frontloader speeds of up to 35 km/h or above, more than 30 ~ 90 times faster than the excavator, each work cycle in 40 ~ 45 s, average affecting production capacity can reach 3500 ~ 4000 t, the average labor productivity can be increased by 50% ~ 100%.

2.tyred of installed in front of the lighter weight, equivalent to the same bucket excavator quality of 1/8 ~ 1/6, save a large amount of steel, the manufacturing cost is only part of the excavator 1/4 ~ 1/3, than the excavator is cheap, can reduce the mine production equipment investment, reduce the fixed assets ratio.

3.tyred installed before climbing ability is strong, good maneuverability, can work in excavator are not allowed to slope surface loading operations, especially in the lack of new mine site power can work normally, which can accelerate the construction of mining development and shorten the construction period.

4.tyred installed before depreciation of the fixed number of year is only 1/4 ~ 1/8 of the excavator, 5 ~ 6 years experience can replace more advanced equipment, easy to mine management and maintenance work, is advantageous to the renewal of the equipment.

5. The pre-installation of the wheel is easier to operate than the excavator, so it can shorten the training time of the driver, while a loader can save manpower, material resources and financial resources with only one driver operation.

However, compared with excavators, there are some disadvantages in production:

(1) the excavating capacity of the wheel is smaller than that of the excavator. When the blasting quality is not good and the mass is larger, the working efficiency of the wheel is reduced obviously. For the materials with stronger adhesion, the shovel load and other auxiliary operations are required.

(2) compared with excavators, the working mechanism of the front loader is smaller; Due to the restriction of safety conditions, it is not suitable for the high - burst operation of the working face, the height of the landing step shall not exceed 12m.

(3) the tire of the front loader is worn fast and the service life is shorter. In recent years, although has been equipped with protection link or use the measures, such as mat type crawler plate can reduce tire wear and tear, but tire life but also about 1500 h, the tire cost in the cost of production equipment is still significant proportion (approximately 40% ~ 50%, even up to 60%).

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