Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

shearing machine: 1.Hydraulic drive offers stable working pressure. 2.Strong machine body frame extends service life. 3.Fixed blade shearing angle allows easy operation and convenient adjustment of thin plate cutting.
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(1) the use of hydraulic drive, easy operation, simple maintenance.

(2) work edge length: 400mm, 600mm700mm800mm1000mm1200mm, shear force from 63 tons to 400 tons a total of 8 grades. The cutting machine above 700mm blade is especially suitable for cutting scrap car.

(3) no foundation bolts for installation, where the available diesel engine without power supply for power.

Performance and characteristics:

1, all steel welding structure, comprehensive treatment (vibration aging, heat treatment) to eliminate internal stress, has a very good rigidity and stability.

2. Hydraulic Shearing Machine Using advanced hydraulic system, the reliability is good

3. Hydraulic Shearing Machine Using the precision sliding guide to eliminate the clearance of the guide rail and the high shear quality

4, electric rear gear, manual micro adjustment, digital display

5, the blade clearance has the handle adjustment, the scale value is displayed, fast, accurate and convenient.

6, rectangular blade, four edges can be used, long service life. The shear angle can be adjusted to reduce the distortion of the sheet

7, the tool carrier by tilting structure, easy to blanking, and can improve the accuracy of the work

8. Hydraulic Shearing Machine has the function of segmented shearing; it has the function of lighting lighting device.

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