Counterweight Crane

Counterweight Crane

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The Counterweight Crane includes a body and movable pothook. It is a single-arm crane with counterweight.  The excellent advantage of the equipment is that it has a compact structure, small cover space and lightest weight which is the ideal choice to lift the small quantity goods.

The length of lazy arm(MM)9251210150017902080
Rated capacity(KG)550450350250150


Balanced heavy-legged heavy-duty design is designed for lifting molds or workpieces for presses, machining centers, presses, etc.

125% overload test before leaving the factory, in line with CE requirements

Designed with engineering machinery, safe and reliable, saving time and effort

Boom length can be manually adjusted

The foot brake mechanism is easy to operate

The bottom is equipped with a fork hole boom for forklift loading and unloading, which can be folded back for easy transportation.

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