Working principle of Truck Jack

- Dec 23, 2017-

Working principle of Truck Jack

Truck Jack is divided into several mechanical jacks and hydraulic jacks. The principle is different from the principle, the hydraulic transmission based on the basic principle is the principle of Pascal, that is, the liquid pressure everywhere is the same, so, in the balance of the system, the piston above relatively small pressure is relatively small. While applying a large piston pressure is relatively large, which can keep the stationary liquid. So through the transfer of the liquid, we can get different pressures on the different ends, so that the purpose of a change can be achieved. The hydraulic jack we commonly use is the use of this principle to achieve force transmission. The mechanical principle of the screw jack is to pull the handle repeatedly, pulling the paw to push the ratchet clearance to turn, the small bevel gear to drive the large bevel gear, and to make the weight lifting screw rotate, so that the lifting sleeve can be lifted or descended to achieve the function of lifting pull. But it's not as easy as hydraulic jack.

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