What types of Truck Jack are there?

- Dec 23, 2017-

What types of Truck Jack are there?

The types of Engineering jacks include hydraulic jack, screw jack, claw jack and single jack.

Suitable for heavy lifting hydraulic jack, mechanical disassembly, bridge and ship repair, equipment adjustment, foundation settlement, static pile, non excavation engineering of hydraulic jacking machine, equipment maintenance and other operations, with special tools, can realize the pressure sleeve, bearing assembly and Finale etc.. The hydraulic jack can be used alone, and can also be used with a plurality of hydraulic jacking through a shunt valve at the same time. The hydraulic jack produced by our company has a large ratio of output force to weight, and can be operated by high pressure rubber tube for long distance operation. The hydraulic jack is equipped with a safety valve and a pressure protection device, and the pressure relief valve prevents the use of super load for safe operation. The hydraulic jack to multiple protection, can withstand the partial load load of hydraulic cylinder rated tonnage.

The screw jack has compact structure, small volume, light weight and easy to carry. The screw jack is widely used for lifting operations in factories, warehouses, bridges, wharfs, transportation and construction engineering departments.

Stainless steel claw jacks are mainly used in food, precision factory, dust free workshop, medical equipment production and other fields.

The advantages of the single moving jack product: the product is small in size. The product is light in weight. The product is convenient to carry. The product has a large weight. The operation of the product is simple.

Single acting jack is suitable for small workspace. Products are widely used in steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, railways, mines, bridges, machinery and other industries.

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