What types of tow tractors can move according to their bearings?

- Dec 09, 2017-

What types of tow tractors can move according to their bearings?

It is divided into fixed, movable and lifting type according to whether its bearing can be moved. The left and right 2 supports of the fixed tow tractors are fastened by bolts to the base of the tow tractors, and the base of the tow tractors is fixed to the girder of the tractor. The fixed type is the most widely used kind at present. Mobile type tractor style more structure and fixed is not much difference between, the traction seat base and tractor beam connection using a porous or toothlike design, base of the tractor which can be connected to the mobile trailer before and after installation, in order to successfully connect with different Trailer hanging. Some mobile tractors are also equipped with automatic air pressure control device, which can move the traction seat back and forth in the groove through pressure. The lift tractor is mainly used on the tractor of the port and wharf. The tractor can move up and down in a certain range to adapt to the semitrailer at different heights.

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